THINGS STILL APART(Tribute to late Prof. Chinua Achebe)-By Ayanbode Oluwaseun Oje

ImageA pen will never visit a paper again

And a head never to stoop by a table to ink down

Thoughts, experience and age long folk wisdom

But to oblivion or Zombiepolis, whichever way you go

The last flash of thought across your mind I can easily imagine:

No longer at ease with the nation you left behind

For the symbol of our unity and social cooperation:

The anthill of the savannah

Has been torn to shreds

By the foreign religions

Cardinal theme in your intellectual endeavours.

When a man of the people

Turns a man of his pocket

We watch with awe, your prophecy coming in earnest.

No beautiful sunset in Biafra again

Not to any Biafran venturing out to the north

All is pitch black

Death, sorrow, insecurity

All thick beyond what arrow of God can penetrate

Perhaps there was a country

Which is no more

Just like YOU.

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