#NBAFinals: Lil Wayne loses temper on referee at charity basketball game

Lil Wayne at the charity basketball game in St Louis  HNGN
Lil Wayne at the charity basketball game in St Louis HNGN

As we prepare for the NBA finals, American rapper, Lil Wayne recently lost his cool in a charity basketball game when after the referee repeatedly made calls against his Young Money squad.

Wayne’s face off with

the referee in St. Louis has been tagged violent as he left his sitting position to charge at the referee and told him his mind – which according to reports include some obscenities.

Though Wayne was only reported to have yelled at the referee while airing his grievances, there are clear indications that he neither touched the referee nor spat on him as it is believed by many.

The charity hoops game is the brain child of Loose Cannon Slim‘s attempt at a St. Louis stop the violence event.

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