#SayNoToRacism: White teacher fired for saying Blacks should be segregated from Whites

karen-fThe racial incident at a Texas pool continues to spark emotions across the nation. After watching the viral video, a fourth grade teach from West Texas resorted to Facebook to complain about Blacks.

Karen Fitzgibbons posted the photo of the police officer, Eric Casebolt, who resigned after tackling an unarmed Black teenage girl in a bathing suit. The caption read, “This officer should not have had to resign. The blacks are the ones causing the problems and this ‘racial tension.’ I guess that’s what happens when you flunk out of school and have no education … Maybe the 50s and 60s were really on to something.”

But after posting the racist rant, Fitzgibbons insanely followed with the hashtag, #imnotaracist.

Despite feeling as if she wasn’t a racist, her employer had a different opinion. In a statement, the Frenship Independent School District called Fitzgibbons’ rant “offensive, insensitive, and disrespectful.”

Fitzgibbons was eventually dismissed from duties as an educator in the district.


Credit/Source: RollingOut

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