#TGIF: Rocking your Traditional Attire or Ankara with Swag 

The weekend is here again, Fridays are mostly reserved for workers to wear their traditional attire to work (welcome to a world where it is only okay to imbibe the culture of western dressing (suit and tie) during working days), although not all private companies adopt this, this is a trend that seem to be well absorbed in the public sector here in Nigeria. There is something that comes with styling yourself in that traditional wear, the aura and confidence(although fanatics see it as being backward or “local” according to their worldview)

However, if you don’t fall in the category of people who are allowed to rock their native attires or Ankara to work on a Friday like this, not to worry, Saturday and Sunday are there for you to wear what you want with your shoulder high and a beautiful looking piece of shoe.

In the picture below, we have some pictures showing some “swagious” ways to rock your native wear… for example, we have the likes of Onyeka Nwelu, Mercy Aigbe, Ella Mo and other models in style

You can screen grab them and show to your tailor or ask your tailor to visit our site to get a glimpse of what you love rocking….

Credit: Ella Mo’s Instagram page
Credit: Onyeka Nwelue’s Facebook Page
Credit: Mercy Aigbe Instagram Page
Credit: Onyeka Nwelue’s Facebook Page
Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

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