How Andela is Admitting Africans and Exports Them to Multinational Corporations

Andela is an academy of digital engineers, which admits, trains web developers, programmers and skilled digital engineers and in turn send them to go work for international tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and what have you.

The company which has received support and investment from Google (through Google Ventures), Facebook (through Chan Zuckerberg Foundation, recently invested $34 million last year), Microsoft and private investors is founded by two guys – Iyin Aboyeji (a Nigerian) and Jeremy Johnson (an American).


One fascinating methodology the company make use of is, the monthly payments given to its students while undergoing training, unlike most training Institutes that expect you pay them for training.


How they managed to maintain standard and recruit is amazing and have kept people like us wondering. Iyin, the co-founder spoke to Tech Point on how Andela go about this in an interview last year. Except below;


“When we’re looking for an Andela fellow, what we’re trying to figure out is how can we find the most inspirational, driven and intelligent young people. We are also looking for curious people who are fast learners, brilliant, have great attitudes and who absolutely want to be World Class software developers over a period of time. The process of finding them is pretty rigorous.


We are investing a lot upfront into each individual so it really matters to us that each individual that we are investing in are also throwing themselves at it because, otherwise the investments would not work. We spend a lot of our time through a very intensive selection process. It starts with our proprietary algorithm for figuring out from the mass of applicants we get who should be given an interview. But it doesn’t end at the interview. We actually have a boot camp, which in some respect is like a 2-week interview. There we teach them the basis of software development, even if they don’t have that kind of background. We are also evaluating them to see who has the metal to succeed in the programme. After that they’re then admitted into the programme where they go through another 5 or 6 months of training towards “finding them out”before they are placed in major projects.”


The company’s goal is to have trained 100,000 African tech Engineers in the 10years. A feats that sounds really cool, that will mean Andela’s hub will be able to compete with Silycon Vally in terms of man-power in the technology business.

Apparently, Africans are gifted and capable of embracing technology to enhance political, educational, economical and social life in the continent.


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