#WCW: Natalia Strokowska the hope giver

Natalia Strokowska featured on GlitzPlusEnt in style. You know something about caring for animals, of course, you do, you might have seen a pet fallen sick before and you just wish you had a magic wand to heal the poor animal, so it can play again and all. This week, we have a special lady who is changing the world bit by bit. As she is helping and giving hope to humans around her, so also is she giving hope and care to animals brought to her concurrently.

Our Woman Crush Wednesday for this week is the caring and loving Natalia Strokowska, a vet by training and a hope giver with passion. Natalia was born in Cracow, Poland and currently, she is based in Warsaw, the capital. But hey, because she travels a lot, we can classify her as a citizen of the world. Presently, she lives in the UK where she is working for the summer.


Ms. Natalia obtained her Veterinary Medicine degree at Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland where she is currently starting her 4th year of Ph.D. studies. Want to know what is cool; she also holds a specialist certificate in non-domesticated animal diseases.

As a veterinarian, Natalia Strokowska is responsible for consulting and carrying out minor soft tissue surgeries on her patients. Her focus is mostly on diagnosing and treating cats, dogs, and rabbits. Basically, it’s a bit of every specialty from internal medicine, emergency to diagnostic imaging.


You know what they say about influence and the idea that you haven’t really done anything if people around you aren’t feeling you(I mean, being impacted by you). Well, that is not the case for Natalia, a highly spirited and motivating personality; as she talks a lot to students and simply loves teaching. She was a speaker on World Veterinary Congress in Prague and Istanbul, ICARE conference in Venice, TEDxWarsaw. She has given plenty of lectures for veterinary students. Her theme and interest mostly fall under small and exotic pet medicine as well as work ethics and professional wellbeing. Natalia also professionally teaches Medical English and help people to write CVs, motivation letters and start their professional career abroad (so cool right; yeah!).

Photo Credit: Asylum of Wind

Natalia revealed that she receives hundreds of e-mails all over the world that I inspired someone to pursue a veterinary career (I guess you know that feeling, motivating and being a source of hope to most people you barely know, that is the coolest thing that can happen to one). This not far-fetched from the fact that she tries to show on her Instagram page, that vets are humans too and they have their passions, hobbies, and lives. In her words,

“I show my followers that with hard work, motivation and positive attitude to work you can reach everything you dreamed about. I prove that besides hard work there is time for pleasure and work-life balance. I reached everything by my hard work and focus on my aims. I am very thankful for all kind words of support from people who believe in me. I always try to help and give some advice”.


A piece of advice from the Natalia Strokowska goes thus;

“Don’t wait if your pet doesn’t feel right. If you see that it is not himself, not eating, being lethargic, sad, doesn’t come to meet you at the door when you come back home, doesn’t act as usual – go to the vet straight away and don’t wait until it feels better. You will help us with your quick response and think right – that something is wrong! Never give any meds to the pet by yourself without discussing this with the vet, and don’t believe in everything you will find in the Internet – the animal needs to be examined by professional. Every case is different, and if something happened in other case, doesn’t mean it will in your pets, even though symptoms may seem similar.”

So, to all the young women out there, you can choose a profession in vet medicine, it is so cool as you can see through Natalia’s featured story. Women are changing the world positively for good, join the train and be part of the change. Get into something you are passionate about and show the world that there is no limit to what you can accomplish, because you are a woman.


By: Roluseye

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