#TGIF: White House Romance; we so miss Michelle and Barack Obama


An unconfirmed report has it that women play vital roles in the affairs of running a country, whether they are elected as president, wives or simply as daughters. There is even a statement that states, women remain the most powerful, how true this is, is open for debate some other time.

The above statement can be true, when you look at past leaders of the world and the women around them- even the present leaders are not in exception. Take a look at Ivanka Trump for instance, daughter of the 45th US President, Donald Trump, the power she is alleged to wield is even more that those being paid to advice the president in national and international issues. Also, Bill Clinton’s administration further reiterate the above statement with his wife and daughter.

But hay, that is not what I am here to write about, I am here to write about an event that took place in 2013, portraying the White House as a place where you find the “perfect love” or romance.

There are a lot of events that will go down memory lane, as the most romantic show of woman power and control and this is that, that shows former first lady, Michelle Obama, looking displeased with her husband, Barack Obama, for “flirting” with Danish Prime Minister in 2013.

In a memorial event to honor the great South African martyr, Nelson Mandela in 2013, in Soweto South Africa, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and US President Barack Obama were caught taking a selfie, while Michelle Obama looks away in an unusual manner.

Reports according to the photographer has it that Mrs Michelle had been laughing only seconds before the picture was taken.

The photograph of the Danish prime minister’s “selfie” with President Obama and Mr Cameron was not the only thing that caught the attention of the AP photographer, later photos show Mr Obama swapping seats with his wife Michelle, fuelling claims that she was annoyed with his behaviour.

I don’t know what you saw when this photos went viral in 2013, but what I saw is the perfect example of a woman in control of her home, president of the most powerful nation in the world or not.

Welcome to an amazing weekend. We hope you go out and have fun.

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