#WCW: Meet Jacqueline Monique, the Goddess of Paint and Color

This week, Glitz Plus Magazine has the honor to present Ms Jacqueline Monique, a creative artist, entrepreneur and sophisticated author. Jacqueline was born and raised in Philadelphia, United State, a place she so much cherish and holds a lot of memory, no wonder she still resides there. She is the CEO of BoredRoom Books LLC, a reputable company involved in skate painting/designs, sculptural designs, portrait painting, and so much more.

Jacqueline holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Moore College of Art & Design, an institution she claims to be lucky to attend.


When asked about her activities as an Artist and a hint on how she started, Jacqueline filled us to the brim with her captivating story;

“I was born into a family full of artists. My Grandmother was an artist and so were her 10 children including my mother. When I was a small child my mother would draw portraits of me and teach me how to scribble and color in the lines. Growing up, art has always been around me. I was in awe of my mother’s abilities and wanted to be as good as her. At very young age I’d say around 10 I started drawing Disney characters and learning from Bruce Blitz video tapes. I remember my first finished drawing being Belle’s father from “Beauty and the Beast“.”


We sure are enjoying every bit of Jacqueline’s story, and as an entrepreneur and a writer, we are aware that she must have faced one or more challenges on her journey so we asked her to share some of her challenges with us and how she managed to deal with them; something that might be an inspiration to many out there, this is what she said;

“As the sole owner of BoredRoom Books, LLC, the main challenge is doing everything by yourself. Sure, you’re the boss, however that comes with big responsibilities such as wearing all of the hats… the artist, the author, the accountant, the publicist, the strategist, etc. I deal with challenges one at a time, I write everything down so things don’t get Jumbled in my head. I do reach out for short term help if needed. I don’t panic if things don’t go the way I plan, I just use another strategy. It is a very rewarding experience at the end of the day. I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

Something very captivating about Jacqueline’s book is not only her fine and beautiful collections embedded in that book, but the somewhat intriguing title, “F*ck This I’m Coloring”. We are very much interested to know what inspired such a title, so we asked her, her response is as captivating as the title of her book itself;

“The back story of the book is pretty simple. I was simply angry at someone and instead of expressing what I felt, I channeled it in my art and created a book. I pretty much wanted to call that person every expletive in the book 😉 I didn’t over think the title, it just came out. I told myself I didn’t want to color pretty images of gardens I wanted to color “FUCK YOU!”.”


An artist with beautiful paintings such as these is certainly influencing people around her, especially the younger artist, but Jacqueline wouldn’t admit this, to her she is the one being influenced. She captured this well in her excerpt below;

“To be honest I feel like I’m being influenced by the world around me. I’m very observant and I pay attention to everything and internalize it. I’m eternally thankful for all of the support that my friends, fans, and readers give me. What I would say to the younger creative generation, that if you have a goal, go after it. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t do something because they can’t do it. And as a creative talent, don’t let people take advantage of your talents. A lot of us artists are victims of that because the skill comes easy to us.”


The we asked her, her perspective on  women giving their all to see a better world and who she would say influence and inspires her, she put it this way;

“Women are making shit happen! I see it everywhere every day. We are rising in the ranks. We are supporting each other more instead of competing, and that is important. I love to see us winning. Women are working harder and harder to achieve their goals and not letting anything or anyone get their way! We are embracing our power, and being unapologetic about it.”


To wrap it up, Ms Jacqueline has this to say on her future projects and what we should expect, she also expressed her delight in the way women are embracing the challenge when it comes to creative arts;

Well, I have several projects and products in the lab as we speak. I’m so excited to share when the time comes! Currently, my team and I are working on strategy, so I can only speak but so much on the subject. However, women are killing in the arts, I see it every day. I’m an Art Director by trade so I’m exposed to seeing more and more women taking positions in the creative field. I absolutely LOVE it. I’m seeing women not only in graphic and fashion design, I’m seeing them in expanded creative fields such as game design, character design, graphic novels, etc. 

Check out below her beautiful works;

Thank you Jacqueline, we really admire your zeal and talent.


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