Tech Tuesday: Would you Bing or Google it; be Different

Tech Tuesday: Would you Bing or Google it; be Different

Microsoft reportedly spent 10 billion US Dollars on Bing, yet they never made a dent in Google’s share of search.




I will tell you in a sec.

The other day, someone made a post how the company producing the Big Cola drink is doing well in the market. He went on to say that the company behind the Big Cola soft drink may likely start ranking shoulder to shoulder with Coca Cola in the soft drink industry.


I made a comment on that post to state that it’s usually a waste of money for a new brand to try to unseat a big and established brand that’s even doing well in the market.


It’s almost impossible. Their loyal customers are not dumb.


Here’s the comment I made on that post:




“Big Cola will never win this battle with the strategies they use now.


It’s a business positioning error to choose to collide head on with big brands.


If Coca-Cola want, they will start selling their drink for N30, and Big Cola will never match them.


To win, Big Cola should find out what Coca-Cola is not doing now, but should be doing, and then start doing it.


Cowbell Milk didn’t start competing with Peak Milk head on. They simply created sachet milk. Peak milk was forced to start producing sachet milk.


Big Cola should do something differently.”




Here’s the thing…


You can’t unseat established brands when they are not screwing things up in their market.


That was the mistake of Microsoft.


Microsoft came out with Bing to compete with Google head-on. But,  they failed.


Tell me, have you ever searched for anything on Bing since this year?


We usually tell people to “Google it.”


Has anyone ever told you to “Bing it?”


So, what could Microsoft have done to carve their place at the centre stage of search engine industry?


They shouldn’t have competed head-on with Google.


They shouldn’t have tried dragging Google’s seat with them.


They should have done something differently…


They should have started zag zigging when Google is zig zagging.


That’s it.


What if Bing came onboard and started displaying search results differently?


What if Bing started pulling up half of the website content for preview when one hovers the search result links?


Here’s my point…


Find something small in your niche and see how you can do it differently.


It’s not just about disruption. Everybody seems to be talking about disruption and innovation these days.


It’s not about you creating a social media network and name it FazeBuk to compete with Facebook.


It’s not about trying to completely overhaul an entire industry with your new disruptive and innovative idea.


What’s it?


It’s about finding a tiny part in your industry that you can do differently and dominate it.


It’s about thinking differently.


Facebook currently uses one default blue colour.


What if we have a social media where you can choose your own colour and style your homepage as you want?


What can you tweak and do differently in your industry?


What can you do differently in your business?


Don’t just be waiting to join new fads and bandwagons.


What tiny thing can you turn on its head and dominate?


If you are an e-commerce merchant, can you add a personalized “Thank you” printed letter to your clients’ orders?


If you are a business owner, can you start publishing a storytelling booklet on different topics and giving it out to your customers on every order?


What can you do differently?


Do you see what Paystack is doing?


Interswitch has been at the centre stage of payment processing in Nigeria.


Few years ago, so many payment processing companies sprang up. But, they all ended up as aggregators for Interswitch.


It’s expensive to integrate Interswitch as an online entrepreneur that just want to collect payments online for your products and services without the technical hiccups and expensive integration.


Paystack came onboard and started doing things differently.


What can you do differently in your business?


There’s no digital poison you can use to kill your competitors.


But, you can see what they are not seeing and start looking in that direction. And before they realize it, you will have developed and dominated that market category.


Think differently.


Do differently.


Go out there and win more.


Written by Alex Uzor, a business coach, writer and brand builder.


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