WCW: Judith Audu Foght and Her Obsession with the World of Make Believe

WCW: Judith Audu Foght and Her Obsession with the World of Make Believe

For those of us who are obsessed with onscreen acts, this should be an interesting read for us, featuring one of Nollywood’s exquisite and stunning actress, Judith Audu Foght. Mrs Judith who hails from Auchi, Edo state, has won a handful of awards and nomination in the creative industry; earlier this year, her movie, Just Not Married, won the award for Best Director at the African Film Festival in Dallas. In an interesting conversation with Roluseye, she unbolted to him, narrating how she started and what her activities entails. Judith was born in Lagos, Nigeria. And spent most of her growing up years in Navy Town Ojo, Lagos state (the centre of excellence).

Answering question on how growing up was like, Mrs Foght said;

“Growing up was great, I was a very contented child, didn’t want much, didn’t need much. I was the only girl in a family of five including my parents. They are the most hardworking people I know, Learnt so much from them, how to be disciplined, hardworking and purposeful.”

She attended the French Language Village, Badagry, where she obtained a Diploma in French, and then went to the University of Lagos  to earn her first degree in French. Judith went back to the University of Lagos to obtain a Master’s in Public and International Affairs. (Hold on, it appears all the big names in the entertainment sector all attended Unilag, who then attended UI and co?…lol)


I really wanted to know what inspired Judith into acting (I am sure you do too); so I asked her, if not acting what would she be doing? And I was astounded by her answer;

I love the world of make believe, I wanted to also have the opportunity to become whoever I wanted to be, I was fascinated by the make believe world and the moment I started acting I knew this is what I should be doing as I derive so much joy from it and feel so alive whenever I am bringing a project to life, I just love the fact that I can live so many different lives, learn from so many different stories, be so many different people, feel the pain and joy of so many people, no job can ever be like this one. If I wasn’t acting I will be doing something else behind the camera, either producing, directing or the cinematographer… but I must be within the play area of the make believe world.

WCW: Judith Audu Foght and Her Obsession with the World of Make Believe

Wow, I find the world of made believe very fascinating too, I might end up being an actor myself (lol); so I wanted to know how she started acting. I asked her about her journey as an actress and movie producer.

“My journey as an Actress started from high school when we had to act out all our literature books, I realized I loved it and started imagining taking it as a career, when I got into the University I then searched for a Theatre group and I joined a Theatre group called Theatre 15, where I learnt the rudiments of acting and understood what it was about, participated in several stage plays and then went ahead to act on screen. I featured in my first screen job in 2004 and then stopped same year to concentrate on school and returned full time 2011 and I have since been acting full time. My journey as a Movie producer came to life in 2014, when I felt it was time for me to become more, I wanted to be able to tell stories my way, to be an employer of labour and to just be able to tell stories, it has been a very rewarding journey so far, I learn a lot from every production I partake in and am grateful every day for the growth.”


Her new movie ‘Obsession’, has an intriguing name, especially in this age and time where so many people are so obsessed with a lot of things, so I am interested in hearing what inspired the story? Her response was humbling, mouth-watering as well.

“I spoke to a writer Rita Onwurah that I needed a script and she sent me ‘Obsession’, it’s a story about a failed actor trying to find his path back to his once upon a time successful career with his career driven wife and another couple whose husband works so hard and has little or no time for his family, both families cross paths with wrong obsessed people that almost ruined their entire lives… Nothing in particular inspired the story I saw a good script and was really happy to bring it to life and working with my friend who directed it Uduak-Obong Patrick again was amazing and also featuring actors I respect in the industry Femi Branch, Yemi Blaq, Odera Olivia Orji, Ifu Ennada, etc.”


There are hardly any interesting story without some level of challenge(s), so I ask Judith to share with us her experience as an actress, producer, production manager, casting director, and script writer, what are the challenges she encounter(ed) and how is she able to deal with it/them? Her response was real, the way she was able to break them down is enthralling.

“My experiences has been very different based on what part of the table am sitting on, as an actor challenges are basically making sure the character am playing is believable, and I try as hard as I can to make it natural so it comes out looking believable. As a producer my main challenge is funds, there is always the struggle to work within the limited budget and I am always looking forward to having sufficient funds to carry out a production successfully without thinking of money as a challenge, but I always find a way to manage the little resources and make it work. As a Production manager the challenges varies from set to set, it’s mostly how to properly manage people, manage egos, manage the production and sometimes even manage the producer to ensure production finishes on schedule and with experience I have come to learn how to become better and am happy with my growth. As a Casting Director, it’s always an amazing experience to cast for actors for a project as there are always new exciting talents and it’s always nice when the casting goes smoothly by getting actors for every role, the challenge most times is not being able to find an actor for particular roles, sometimes it can be a very difficult task especially if the characters are very unique but we always end up getting the right actors at the end of the day. As a script writer, I think I should go back to it, I have only successfully finished one script, the short film ‘Not Right’, my first produced and written film, it got over 6 best short film nominations in 2014 including the AMVCAs, the challenge for me is the time to sit and finish writing but would love to write more.”WCW: Judith Audu Foght and Her Obsession with the World of Make Believe

Seriously, I want to know what Mrs Foght will be doing if she is not in the movie industry, so I asked her, outside film making/acting, what other things interest you and have you been involved in?

Her answer: “Aside making films and acting… what other things interest me…Making more films and acting… lol”

As a role model and celebrity, we are interested in knowing how Judith is influencing people around her, especially the younger ones coming. Don’t worry ladies and gents, after reading this till the end, you can reach-out to her.

“I try to motivate them with my personal story, I bring them to my set to see how things are done so they can learn, I am always ready to listen and advice with it comes to what to do concerning their careers. I try to generate positive energy wherever I am.”

It is an unarguable fact that women are showing their strength in virtually all sectors around the world, look at women like Angela Merkel in Germany, Theresa May in Briton, etc. controlling politics in their various countries, Alakija, taking the lead in business in Africa, among many other fascinating examples. So I asked Judith what her thoughts on this is, knowing she will be all excited to share her view;

“Am really happy to see women standing out in all sectors all over the world and taking the bull by the horn, it is a very welcoming development to see women finally realizing, they can be anything they want to be and they have no limitations whatsoever, no job is gender specific anyone can be anything and am really happy to see that happening which will make the younger generation of women dream big and aim high knowing that nothing is impossible if they work hard and believe in themselves they can achieve ground breaking things.”

Thank you Mrs Judith Audu-Foght for doing us proud, breaking all odds to be celebrated and reiterating the fact that hard work pays, no matter where you come from. Thank you for thriving and shining in an industry that was once the men only world. Thank you for the support you give to everyone that come in contact with you, you are our Woman Crush this Wednesday and everyday, and we are proud to be celebrating you. God bless you ma’am.

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