P Diddy Celebrates his 48th Birthday in Fela Style; Changes Name

The legendary Bad Boy Entertainment founder and American businessman, Sean Combs recently celebrated his birthday under a fulfilling atmosphere and positive vibe. Diddy took to social media to show how exultant and happy he is celebrating his 48th birthday with family and friends.

Image Credit: Getty Images

The music typhoon who recently was listed in Forbes 100 Greatest Business Minds Alive few months ago (the only black man to make the list), did not  hide his love for the Legendary Fela Kuti’s work, as he posted a video of himself and French Montana ‘vibing’ and dancing to one of the Afrobeat legend’s song.

Check out the video here

In another post, Diddy made an announcement that he will be changing his name, he no longer wants to be called ‘Diddy Puff Daddy or Sean’, in his words, “I want to be called Love or Brother Love”.

The Black Excellence star is all preaching about love now, suggesting he has changed.

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