4 Actions That Doesn’t Prove Your Man Is Cheating On You


Do you honestly believe that your partner is cheating on you? This may not be the case, though it may seem that way. Trust is a very important tool in a relationship, in many cases, lack of trust has led to the break of many relationship, denying us the pleasantries of seeing beautiful partners joined together in holy matrimony.

Women’s Daily Mag lists a few of these suspicious moves by your man which doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you:

  1. He sends your phone calls straight to voicemail: Every time he sends your call straight to voicemail, that voice in your head starts telling you that he might be sleeping with another woman. Stop listening to that voice, he just might be watching his favourite football team playing and he doesn’t want to be interrupted. 7 missed calls and he doesn’t calls for 2 days? It’s time to start worrying!
  2. He’s too emotional: Guys can also get sensitive and emotional. The fact that he shows emotions, doesn’t mean that he’s cheating on you. Ask him if something is wrong and try to make him feel better.
  3. Starts going to the gym: Maybe he started going to the gym because he wants to look amazing for his new girlfriend or just maybe he wants to reduce his cholesterol and keep his heart healthy.
  4. His sexual appetite is changing: Many things can influence his libido. When a man is under stress or he’s facing problems that can lead to reduced sexual desire. Don’t think he’s a cheater, he’s just stressed.

It is okay to have doubts sometimes, that makes you human, but you shouldn’t let doubt lead to mistrust, as this is not healthy in a relation. Give your partner the benefit of doubt, until there is evidence(s) that s/he can’t be trusted.

In the next feature, we would point out some actions or characteristics that really affirms your man is cheating on you.

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