Google Celebrates December Global Festivities with a Seasonal Doodle

Google Doodles-GlitzPlusEnt

Google as we know them, are passionate and found of making nice designs with their doodles, on days and time that are mostly historic and relate to diverse culture and people. From its first Doodle on Burning Man Festival, Google has kept it Doodles interesting, If they aren’t celebrating your country’s Independence Day, they will be celebrating Chinua Achebe or one intriguing Doodle.

This time, Google is celebrating this year’s December Winter Festivities with a series of Doodles about a pair of penguins’ holiday to visit their warmer-weather relatives.

Google Doodles-GlitzPlusEnt

December global festivities means family and holiday travel, and Google is marking the season with a new series of interactive Doodles about a family of birds traveling south.

Two penguins, a “pair of slippery-footed siblings” introduced with a set of seasonal candles, are “excited to spend time with their warm-weather relatives,” a toucan and a parrot, according to Google. The first instalment in the December global festivities series, published today, shows the penguins making plans with their southern relatives and packing their bags for a tropical holiday inside their icy igloo.

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