Welcome To Year 2018- An Event-Filled New Year

New Year lit up

The world has just experienced a New Year, although some are few hours behind schedule to enter into the New Year, countries like Hawaii, American Samoa and some outlying Islands in the USA (Baker Island, Howland Island etc). All over the world, whichever country you find yourself in, it is obvious 2017 didn’t give all the time, to experience all the events that came with it. In America for instance, the US citizens haven’t gotten a feel of the president, Donald Trump, some citizens who are bitter, the president won the 2016 election are not off that painful-disappointing feeling of having a Donald Trump lead them—even Mr Trump will not stop at getting all the attention, by being in the news for one frenzied stomach-churning outburst Tweet or the other. In 2018, President Trump might reduce his activities on Twitter and channel that energy into the lives of offline followers, who knows? Or we might see the president being banned from Twitter, has the Social Networking site recently started enforcing its new rules.

World peace was really tested in 2017, war really ‘walked pass across earth’ on a thread, thanks to God (for those who don’t believe in God, kindly thank whatever was responsible) that we didn’t experience a dreadful war, with all the ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons testing flying from the “North” to the South; coupled with the number of threats- both cyber and on-air and civil unrest, in most part of the world. We need to work more on keeping peace in the world, North Korea isn’t really helping matters, especially with the leader’s New Year speech, where he threatens the US, to attack with its Nuclear weapon.

In Nigeria, where governance seems to be a ‘joke’ with the present administration not in any way stopping at goofing or disappointing those who stacked their neck out to campaign for the “Mr Integrity” and his team of “walking dead”. Every day in 2017 was either a day of laughter or game-blame game. It is my hope that 2018 will be different with the present administration taking responsibility for whatever fault can be found in its cupboard, and with all sincerity, plan to tackle such problem. Except we want to lie to ourselves, Nigeria’s municipal problems didn’t start in 2015-2017, it only ‘glowed’ in this period, it has always been there since 2010, when oil price-our only source of FX, began to decline in price. Coupled with the fact that Nigeria has suffered in the hands of bad leaders, who are not sincere.

Like I will always opine, it is not enough to have good intentions, what is needed are good actions.

Happy New Year, have a fabulous 2018 and thank you for sticking with us all through 2017.

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