Man With the ‘World’s Largest Penis’ Is Registered Disabled Because Of His 19-inch Manhood


This man called Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from northern Mexico, has an 18.9inch penis, the World’s Largest Penis.

He was able to get it to that length because he stretched it using weights and it is now thought to be the world’s biggest.

Government has officially recognised him as disabled, and he gets support.

That is despite him refusing to get a reduction because he wants to work in porn.

But he is now receiving government handouts despite refusing to get a reduction because he hopes to find work in the American porn industry.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is registered disabled and receives handouts from the Mexican government because his 18.9inch manhood stops him from working.

The 54-year-old says he is unable to work because he can’t wear a uniform and cannot get on his knees, meaning he is shunned by employers.


Written by Chris Pleasance for Mail Online


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