Disgruntled with my President- Politics of shame


Do politicians employ strategists at all, or they just get friends and family members, who will not tell them the truth, handle their politics of sham or better tagged ‘Politricks’. The schemers of this government are doing more harm than good to this government, shaming the administration, for how can a top government official be talking about launching 2019 campaign for President Buhari at a period when everything is on summersault; fuel scarcity has refused to abate; scores of innocent people across the country are being butchered to death and there is hardship all over the place?

Such an abrasive insensitivity to propose such idea at a most inauspicious time, if you ask me.  What is giving these people this level of confidence? Or are the aspersions true, that this party make use of voodoo to keep electorate under a spell? The befuddling part is some of the ardent supporters still see no erring from the government, not one or two, they chose to support and defend them, just like a fly would follow the smell of shit to the soakaway.

What exactly are they trying to prove, that they can gather election finance more than the former occupier, Goodluck Jonathan? They are not even worried that many of their hitherto most fervent supporters, have turned against them or even regretting their choice? Are these politicians really thinking at all, I doubt that, because if they are they will not chose to indulge in a walk of shame and dance naked at the market square?

The people supporting these lots are also doing more harm than good to the country, while would you pick a person or political party over a country? This make me wonder if there is a common good in this country, are we on same page and mission in this country? Obviously the people ready to suck the country dry and rid it of any glory out way those working to make it better, so it appears to me, if not, we are supposed to be seeing a better Nigeria by now. Many say something and end up doing the other thing. For speaking the truth about this administration you will be brandish with so many names; if you are not call IPOB, you will be called Wailer or PDP, etc. When are we going to see that Nigeria is bigger than any tribe, party or selfish agenda, when?

God save Nigeria from cluelessness and stagnation.

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