Kidnapped EHJ Sisters are still not released

Sister Roseline GlitzPlusEnt

I know it might sound trifling talking about the kidnapped EHJ Sisters right now, considering the nation is yet to recover from the killings in Benue and Port-Harcourt, were scores of citizens are reported dead. But this piece is not political but actually aimed at reminding our leaders how bad our security has become and doing something about repairing it, is the state not set-up to provide security to its people and prevent any Hobbesian events, as we have seen in Nigeria in the past months? On the night of November 13, 2017, unknown armed gunmen gained access into the formation house of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus (EHJ) sisters, Benin Nigeria. The armed men took their time to search the house, robbed the sisters of their belongings and abducted Sr. Roseline Isiocha, Sr. Aloysius Ajayi, Sr. Frances Udi, who were visiting the religious community and three other aspirants in the early hours of November 14 with the aid of speedboats positioned inside the Ovia River behind the sisters’ house, at Iguoriakhi, near Benin City.

These nuns have given their lives to God through the Church. They are not millionaires and should never be expected to pay any ransom to kidnappers. These boils down to the insecurity disconcerting the lives of citizens in the country.

We expect the Catholic Church in Nigeria to join forces with security operatives in Edo State and beyond to ensure that our sisters are brought back safe and sound.


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God bless us all.









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