An Open Letter to all Unemployed Nigerian Graduate

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Dear young employed/unemployed Nigerian graduate, this motivational monday post is for you;


Old things have passed away and the new ones will definitely stay – only if you let them.


As you journey this New Year, make it a point of duty to never settle for mediocrity. Time is far spent and before you know it, responsibilities will soon start creeping in, slowly or aggressively. You’re casually attaining independence and for those who still get stipends/allowances from parents or guardians, count your lucky stars.

By a long shot, you might have noticed one or two grey hairs pop out of your scalp and if you’re lucky, baldness might have found a new carrier in you, a startling testament to life’s wholesome savagery. There’s only little to what you can hide with makeup or expensive perfume either, because man or woman, time never stops ticking.


Asides the insolence and unrest being touted on the Nigerian cyberspace, there’s a behemoth goldmine of knowledge available to all but tapped by few. You’d find them on Facebook in form of intelligent arguments and presentations on various topics, on Twitter in neatly-composed threads of concise tweets, on Instagram in visually-appealing infographics and on LinkedIn in well-lettered chronicles.


For your own part, I’ll strongly encourage you to saddle yourself with the activities on LinkedIn space. Though I’m not privy to the statistic of LinkedIn users in Nigeria, it might be logical to presume only a negligible percentage of young Nigerians are active on LinkedIn compared to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. In fact, I won’t be surprised if the number of SnapChat users in Nigeria eclipses that of the LinkedIn’s. But that’s besides the point.


Away from the subs, cliques and catfights which are regular features on FIT (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter), LinkedIn offers a wide range of career-specific content.


If you’re looking to learn a great deal about organizational management/leadership, you might want to follow Toyin Sanni (GCEO, United Capital) and Bridgette Hyacinth.


If you’re attracted to the Nigerian (and world) business space and investment opportunities, Ndubuisi Ekekwe is your guy.


The duo of Akande Olutobi & Kayode Abass will offer you sufficient networking opportunities while Opunimi Akinkugbe teaches you all you need to know about financial management.


If you’re hoping to land a good job at a credible enterprise, I see no reason why you shouldn’t follow Oluseun Akinrinoye and several other recruitment agencies domiciled in Nigeria (ICSL, Jobberman, MyJobMag etc.).


There are several others I can’t remember at this point but the overarching aim of this post is to convince you to spend more time on LinkedIn than any other social media platform, provided you’re focused on advancing your career and personal development.


Instead of expending Internet data on irrelevant content, register on EDUCBA, Future Learn and Coursera to learn new professional skills/techniques.


There’s more to social media than gossips and scandals.


Develop yourself now and thank yourself later.


Time’s running out.


Written by Adesegun Damazio, a medical practitioner in Lagos Nigeria.

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