President Buhari’s Tweet about Gaddafi’s Rule in Libya Causing Mix Feelings Online


Nigeria’s president tweeted about Gaddafi on Tuesday, while welcome the president of Rwanda, made a statement that is not going down well with people who follow Politics, within Africa and beyond. The president indirectly stated that Gaddafi’s rule was centred on arming its citizens with guns, which led to the present crisis the country is facing, an opinion people find faulty.

Gaddafi was killed during the Obama administration October 2011, in the country’s battle, the United States claim it wasn’t involved, this event has made the country that was without debt and wealthy during the era of Gaddafi, a totalitarian, now impoverish and unstable.

Checkout the tweet below;

Many Nigerians however advice the president to be concerned about improving security within the country.


What is your opinion?

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