11 Lies Wives have Repeatedly Told their Husbands

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Lies are naturally a turn-offs and mostly lead to the many divorces we see in the society today, but there are exceptions, meaning there are exceptional lies you don’t need to take offence from; these are called White lies in a relationship. According to a research conducted by Dunbar, an Emeritus Professor in Evolutionary Psychology, at Oxford University and a team of researchers associated with the Aalto University School of Science, in Finland, the little white lies couples tell each other may actually make their relationship stronger, especially when this kind of lie protects your significant other’s feelings.

In other words, when it comes to marriage, honesty in some cases isn’t always the best policy. When you wife decide to tell you these white lies, try not to abhor the thought that your wife is cheating on you.

Wendy Robinson of The Stir lists some few interesting lies women have told to their husbands:

  1. My “Number”: “My husband is the great love of my life. He DOES NOT need to know about my wild years. He thinks he knows my ‘number,’ but he is off by about 10. Or 15. Like I said, wild years.” — Jaci V.
  2. The Cost of a Pedicure: “My husband has no idea how much my monthly mani-pedi costs, and I’m going to keep it that way! He’d think it was crazy expensive, but I think it is cheaper than therapy, and that hour of pampering keeps me sane!” — Flora G.
  3. My Hangovers: “Hangovers. They are always ‘something I ate.’ Is that lying or denial?” — Yolanda G.
  4. American Girl Dolls: “As far as my husband knows, the American Girl stuff my girls are obsessed with was a either a gift or 80 percent off. Amazing how I always hit those big sales!” — Beth T
  5. My “First”: “My husband is really conservative, and so am I, but I made a mistake when I was younger and lost my virginity to a high school boyfriend. It only happened once, but I never told my husband about it. We got married right after college, and he still thinks he is my first. He’d be crushed to find out otherwise so I’ll never tell.” — Lindsay P.
  6. Time Online: “He knows I am active on a particular online community. He has no idea that I am probably online chatting with other women in this group 7-8 hours a day, counting time at work, time on my bus ride home, time after he goes to bed, and so on. He just wouldn’t get that these friendships are real and important to me.” — Alexa S.
  7. Chores: “My husband thinks that I don’t know how to work a lawn mower and that I’m afraid to learn. I totally know how to do it, but I don’t want that chore, so I just keep playing along.” — Heather H.
  8. Savings: “I am a saver, my husband is a spender. I have a secret savings account that he doesn’t know about. I just like the security of having a bigger cushion, and I don’t want him to know, because he’d just want to spend it on something.” — Dionne B.
  9. The Best I’ve Ever Had: “I for sure love my husband the most of all my partners, but he isn’t the best sex I’ve ever had. That honor goes to a random hookup I met while on vacation back in my single days. But why would I tell my husband that? I tell him he is the best EVER, and he is proud as a peacock about it.” — Kim W.
  10. How Much I Actually Understand: “My husband is from Panama and still speaks in Spanish to his mom and family. I pretend I don’t really understand so I can eavesdrop on their conversations. Four years of high school Spanish is finally paying off!” — Marzia G.
  11. My Ex-Husband: “I still email with my ex-husband. My current husband would hate that, because he is a little insecure about the fact that we had a very friendly divorce. I’m never going to get back together with my ex, but I still like him as a person, so I’d miss being a part of his life if we stopped all communications. So, we stick to email and don’t mention it to our current partners.” — Sheila A.

Hope you found this helpful, it is only nice to share.

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