Winnie Mandela Died and Everyone Remembers Nelson Mandela

Winnie Mandela, a renowned activists and anti-Apartheid fighter, as passed on, she passed on a few days ago at the age of 81, April 02, after battling ailments caused by the troubles she went through in liberating her people in South Africa, she was always being rushed in and out of the hospital several times before her passage. Winnie Mandela was often referred to as Mama Africa, for her voice against racism and the role she played in South Africa, during the anti-Apartheid struggle, with her husband Nelson Mandela and other revolutionaries during the struggle.

It is alarming, however, that barely 24-hours after her death, some section of the world (media) chose to narrate her faults as a wife to her ex-husband, Nelson, who divorced her two years after he was released from prison in 1990, on the ground that she was cheating; instead of recounting her positive deeds as human who spoke against oppression when many voices were gone, we are here whining over her misgiving. Others chose to whine over the rash decisions she took during the struggle days. Could it be because she is a woman and the system is flawed with patriarchy mind-sets?

Winnie and Nelson Mandela Wedding
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It is more alarming to read what is meant to be a tribute to a woman of strength turn into a eulogizing song for her late husband Nelson Mandela. The whole narratives simply attribute her as a bad person, some of the reports I stumbled upon online even accused her of being the reason her husband, Nelson died early.

We know she made some bad decisions in the past, which simply explains Winne Mandela human nature, should you remind us of those deeds, in a time we mourn her death? A typical misogynist attitude if you ask me.

A Nigerian writer, Patrick Ikhide, succinctly put what he sees playing out, in the right words on his Facebook timeline;


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