Letter To My Past Self By Dr. Toluwalase: A Review

Oxford Rhodes scholar, Dr. Toluwalase recently released a book titled, ‘Letter to My Past Self’, the book apparently stole my attention, considering it is coming from a medical doctor. Seldom do we find medical practitioners delve into literature or writing, the last I know of is Ben Carson, a globally celebrated American Neurosurgeon. Toluwalase’s ‘Letter to my Past Self’ is a masterpiece, short but loaded.

The 37minute read or better put, 37pages book is a must-read for every youth from all walk of life, aside from telling a real story, the book gives so many hints on how to tackle some of the challenges the youth encounter regularly in the society, especially from Nigeria.

A compilation of letters from top individuals who affected him positively was shared in the book. This gave it so much life. When the letter-writer points out his/her misunderstanding while growing up, I could relate to them, it felt so real, as though I was talking to myself.

Although I wish the book was more detailed, with the background story on how the characters battle life challenges and finally overcame; I love it simplicity still.


Click here to read and download a copy of the book.

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