The Concept of National Courage by Babatope Falade

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There are reasons why the poor stay poor, the major reason being a closed mind and lack of National Courage.

It appears that they are set in their ways and don’t find it easy to change. They prefer handouts and usually feel entitled to your wealth especially if you are around them.

On the contrary, rich people are always looking for information.  If they can’t learn from you, you won’t be of any significance.

The rich man knows that he needs to know more than his peers to stay ahead.  Many rich people keep a close circle of knowledgeable associates.

Wisdom is spiritual, understanding involves an appreciation of your local context in a pragmatic manner.

The rich are very pragmatic. They invest in attitude and habits that help preserve their wealth.

A very good friend pays 800k yearly for his child to go to school. Many people could not understand.  I even pinched him not to tell anyone.

Then I asked why he was doing that privately. He said he is investing for his child to have a particular way of thinking.

He was investing so that his child will have a worldview which will serve as an ultimate competitive advantage. I caught the Rhema immediately.

The sort of binoculars or worldview you handover to your kids will be more important than their ability to do arithmetic or build vocabulary.

One child wants to be an astronaut, one wants to just get a job to feed himself.

One wants to see the world, the other just wants to marry and run the rat race.

The greatest power any generation can have is the power to embrace possibilities.  The power of big thinking and radical imagination.

It takes courage to learn. It takes courage to burn bridges and move on to the next big thing.

A culture of fear, supplanted by conservatism and complacency not only kills civilizations,  it corrupts the gift of possibility and the commission of dominion handed over to the human race by God.

Children should not be boxed in corners by telling them that they should be doctors, engineers or lawyers.  They must be supplied the courage to be anything.  Anything you think of doing can be done.

It is this courage that makes children leaders. That turns society around.  We need a new set of values.  Values built on National Courage

In Japan, children are taught that Japan is a small country filled with rocks and without natural resources.  That they must find a way to preserve and grow Japan.

That is the true gospel of National Courage.

Every society runs on a software.  Typically, the software is either National Fear or National Courage.  I choose courage.

We need inspirational leaders to format society and run this software of national courage.  We cannot keep up with peddlers of fear, peddlers of aimless messages. We cannot put up with fear.  It is time for National Courage.

We need a revolution of ideas. We need new systems. A new way of thinking and the ability to change economically and productively must be preached on every corner.

This gospel is inevitable.  Nigerians need to stand tall.  We need citizens that want to change the world.  We need courage and we need a goal.

I say we must lead Africa.  That is the first goal.  On all fronts. On all fronts.

We must defend minorities all over the world.

We must defend capitalism and add a conscience of sustainability to it.

We must be the capital of the knowledge economy.  180million people cannot be a burden to multilateral agencies.  Enough of the free meals.  We can’t be a case study of poverty anymore.

This is a manifesto for courage. This is a manifesto for economic leadership.

It is time for Pax Nigerian in Africa.



Originally published on Babatope Onikoyi Falade’s Facebook page.

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