10 Common Teeth Brushing Mistakes Most People Do

Teeth Brushing

We sometimes make Teeth Brushing mistakes unconsciously and not taking our oral hygiene seriously can be a big problem. Many do not care for their teeth as they do other parts of their body. We are happy following the same rituals day-in and day-out without bothering to stop and see if everything is fine. Which is certainly not, as not brushing your teeth rightly is something that can cause dental problems in future. So you better mend ways sooner rather than later, else you may have to visit the dentist and undergo some costly treatments in future, only for the sake of teeth brushing mistakes.

Here are 10 most common teeth brushing mistakes we do –


  1. Brushing just once a day

Despite knowing the obvious dental harms, most of us are happily brushing the teeth just once a day. Well, do it twice if you want healthy teeth and gums. A single brushing is not sufficient to fight bacteria and germs that enter the mouth throughout the day.


  1. Not flossing the teeth at all

If you don’t floss your teeth, it’s like inviting bacteria to attack your teeth and cause damages in a gradual manner. With no flossing, how can you scrub away foods, bacteria, and plaque stuck between the teeth? Your toothbrush bristles are not thin enough to enter between the teeth and do the thorough cleaning.


  1. Not replacing the toothbrush early

Some of us keep the using the same toothbrush for months without knowing the harm it does to our teeth. When you do that, there is always a chance of poor oral hygiene as frayed and worn-out bristles can’t clean the mouth properly. You need to change it every three months.


  1. Not brushing the teeth long enough

A toothbrush session should last between two to three minutes. If you rush, as we mostly do, with the brushing task, it may then fail to benefit your teeth the way it should. With less time to brushing, the fluoride in the paste may not get attached to the enamel.


  1. Brushing too hard

Your tooth enamel is very sensitive. It can’t bear force beyond a point. For that reason, you should avoid brushing too much as neither does it clean more nor deliver any other benefits. Rather, it can cause the enamel to wear down gradually leaving you with tooth decay risk.


  1. Brushing immediately after you eat

It’s a mistake to brush right after eating any food. Better still, you should avoid brushing for close to 30 minutes after you eat or drink something acidic. Else, there will be a risk to the enamel which tends to remain soft after we eat something.


  1. Brushing without a fluoride-containing toothpaste

Did you ever bother to check whether your toothpaste has fluoride? If it does not, you are only using a sugary item with absolutely no benefits to your teeth. However, when the paste has fluoride, it helps enamel get stronger in the process.


  1. Not cleaning your tongue

The tongue is the place where thousands of bacteria exist, both good and bad. Right after brushing your teeth, you should clean the tongue and remove bacteria. This will also help in preventing bad breath. You can either use a tongue scraper or brush the tongue as both will serve the purpose well.


  1. Not brushing with the right technique

Most people brush in a haphazard manner with no method to the act. They do it as if a chore, and in most cases, try to rush through the act. The right technique is to brush gently, clean slowly and reach to all parts of the mouth. Brushing with circular motion is recommended for superior cleaning.


  1. Rinsing the mouth with water after brushing

Don’t rinse the mouth with water after rinsing. Rather, use a mouthwash as it will help fluoride linger on in the mouth for longer. You can also consult a top cosmetic dentist bayside and know more about the mistakes with brushing.


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