Reasons Why Dental Implants are so popular


A life with one or more missing teeth is quite difficult to live, that explains why dental implants have gone popular. It brings along issues of both physical and psychological nature thereby hampering the pace and quality of life. However, dental technology has advanced considerably with a variety of treatment options available these days for replacing the missing teeth. Dental implants are one of them, which is basically a titanium-made fixture embedded within the jaw bone for the replacement purpose. It works as a root for the teeth and supports either a crown or denture to restore the teeth. This is why it has become so much popular.

Here are 5 reasons that make dental implants so popular –

  1. They are the second best option to natural tooth

A dental implant is inserted into the jawbone and it helps in bone formation around the troubled tooth area. It forms a direct contact with the jaw and helps restore the optimum functioning of the tooth (artificial). It’s so deftly placed inside the mouth that there is little or no pain, and the procedure even does not take much time. To top it all, it becomes the tooth root in a true sense upon which a prosthesis is placed for replacement purpose. All this makes it perhaps the second most natural thing to the natural tooth.

  1. Dental implants are extremely durable

Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants are quite a durable replacement for your missing teeth. Its longevity is never is doubt as with proper care and maintenance, it can even outlast the patient. It’s true that implants are costlier in comparison to traditional tooth replacement options but the cost is justified when seen in the context of longevity they deliver. You just have to invest in them once and they will be there for a lifetime, which is why they are so much popular among people cutting across age groups and sexes.

  1. You can eat and speak without any problem

With dentures or bridges, there is always a risk of things breaking or chopping or getting cracked or fractured when something hard eaten. So, dentists may advise you against eating everything, whether hard or soft, to ensure dental health. On the other hand, once implants are placed, you can eat your favourite foods without bothering about anything. Similarly, there will not be any problem in speaking either and whatever you say will be decoded by others with effortless ease. For that reason, dental implants are so much popular for replacing the missing teeth.

  1. A beautiful smile becomes reality

Losing or missing teeth means your facial aesthetic may be dented in a big way. With teeth gone, your face will appear sunken and dull, and this can have a huge impact on your natural smile. However, you can consult the dentist and get aesthetically pleasing dental prosthesis placed over your implants to restore the glow and dazzle of your smile. For that particular reason, implants are central to the cosmetic branch of dentistry to enhance the smile and facial appearance of people with tooth loss.

  1. Superior oral hygiene and naturalness

Brushing and flossing with bridges or dentures is never easy as there is always a risk of something breaking or chipping. No such risks exist with dental implants New Hyde Park as you can clean around them with effortless ease. They are easy to maintain and above all, no loss of adjacent tooth structure or gum is required when implants are placed. In addition, implants look as natural as it should be, thereby helping you to smile, eat, walk and talk with a new-found confidence and superior self-esteem.



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