Royal Wedding 2018: Harry and Meghan are the Newest Couple in Town


Prince Harry and Meghan are about to tie the nut in a customary- Royal Wedding way. Being a royal blood comes with a lot of exhilaration and puts you in the heart of many, it also gives us, the people, the opportunity to experience a royal wedding in 2018, and over 2,640 guests were officially invited from the public, to grace this Royal ceremony.

Harry and Meghan after this Royal Wedding, will be referred to as Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The Royal Wedding is trending on Google already, apparently aiming at being the most searched words in 2018.

The Royal Wedding ceremony has begun by 7 am today, Saturday 19th May and is taking place at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Guest are expected to have arrived the venue to get their seat from 7 am;

Fans friends at the venue- Photography:  Odd Andersen/AP

the timing schedule for the ceremony is as follows, as given by Rebecca of Dailymail;

11.25 The Royal Family arrive at the Galilee Porch.

11.42 Doria Ragland arrives at the Royal entrance to the chapel.

11.40 Harry and William will arrive at the West Door, followed by Prince Charles

11.52 The Queen arrives

11.59 Meghan steps out of her car

As expected, security is tight, as friends and fans gale in from around the world to attend this Royal cere

mony. Many slept overnight at the venue to be able to keep a spot where they can greet and see the new couple.

One lovely gist being spread towards the build of this Royal Wedding is the fact that, Prince Harry specially invited his friend, an orphan he met at age – 1years ago, Mutsu Potsane, is specially invited and will be among the first 10 guests to greet the new couple.

Prince Harry with Mutsu Potsane in 2004 Photograph: John Stillwell/PA

A picture of gifts bag for the public, who attended the Royal ceremony is seen below. What a day to be a royal blood and to be married! Congratulations to Harry and Meghan, have a blissful marriage.

Gift for the Royal Wedding- Photograph: Nicola Slawson for the Guardian

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