Tips on How to Save Your Marriage from Divorce

Divorce is the predominant thing scuffling with contemporary marriages. Many couples tend to spend so much on celebrating their wedding and end up with divorce in their marriages after few months or years of being together. These are popular among urban dwellers and those in developed countries. The devastating effects divorce bring is too great an experience to bounce back easily from, especially when there was real love in the relationship.  Attributing this to enlightenment is not far-fetched, but the actions and inactions of these couples is a certain factor that leads to the high-rate of divorce in this age and time.

Successful and celebrated life coach and financial analyst, Opunimi Akinkugbe, gave a list consisting of tips and areas to consider, to reduce the high rate of divorce among millennia’s;

  1. Focus on the marriage, not the wedding!
  2. Communication is key;
  3. Money secrets build mistrust
  4. Accept that you may have different money habits
  5. Set individual and joint goals
  6. Stick to a household budget
  7. Don’t ignore a debt
  8. What are your roles?
  9. Who pays for what?
  10. Joint, separate accounts, a combination?
  11. Extended Family financial obligations
  12. Submissiveness was not an easy topic for the millennials! See this as a strength NOT a weakness. Paperwork- update beneficiaries, insurance with grace, wisdom, fervent prayer it will work.

I hope this helps and gives ease to whatever you are facing in your marriage or relationship.

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