7 Tricks to Make Your Sex Life Better After Pregnancy

Many women face the fear of losing shape (body or sex) after pregnancy, this shouldn’t be so, you do not have to be scared of losing your sex life after pregnancy; here are the 7tricks. As you should know, having children is more than just starting a family, it’s more like a new phase of your life has begun. Having children affects you every way including a change in your sex life but it doesn’t mean that you should totally ignore your significant…after all, sex is very important in relationships.

You’ll certainly feel different after pregnancy, and your body may never get back to its original shape, but there is absolutely no need to worry about your sex life being over because it’s just starting to kick off and should be hotter than before.

Megan Zander of The Stir lists a few ways you get better in your sex life after having kids:

  1. There’s no need to be shy: Let’s face it, childbirth is amazing but messy. Your partner was there for you through it all, and now, there are no secrets between them and your body. No need to turn down the lights or strike a flattering pose against the pillows. They’ve seen it all and love every inch of you.
  2. You’re hot-hot-hot!: Just because you’re missing out on beauty sleep because of a new-born doesn’t mean you and your partner won’t feel sexy. In fact, research shows we ladies get our mojo back to pre-pregnancy levels within about three to four weeks, and by that time, according to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 85 percent of the women had started having intercourse again. As for your guy? Other findings from the Journal of Gender Studies suggests some new dads feel more attractive than they did before the baby was born!
  3. Having to be sneaky will make you want to get freaky: Playing “don’t wake the baby” will spice up your usual sex routine. There’s something a bit thrilling about the risk of being caught, though the stakes as a parent are much higher than when you were younger. Your parents may have grounded you for a weekend, but the baby will make you atone by not letting you sleep all night.
  4. There’s no pressure to conceive: If you had some trouble getting pregnant, then you know that sex for sheer pleasure is very different than sex when you’re trying to conceive. No worries about timing, using special lubricants, or how long foreplay should be! Once you’re a parent you can relax and let whatever happens, happen.
  5. You’ll make time for romance: Parents are often tired and busy. Sometimes, the only way to be alone together is to pre-schedule your trysts. There’s no shame in that! In fact, making your relationship a priority and putting in the effort to make time for each other can be super-sexy. (And the anticipation doesn’t hurt either!).
  6. Wanna play spy?: If you want to flirt in front of the kids, you’re going to have to get creative. Spelling things out, using code words, or even sending secret text messages are all sneaky but sexy ways to keep the romance flowing as parents. Mr. & Mrs. Smith got nothing on you two.
  7. It’s about quality, not quantity: When you’re busy with the demands of raising kids, the frequency of your close encounters may wane. But research suggests couples are more satisfied with their sex lives when they wait for the mood to strike rather than force it. It just means when the stars do align for both of you, it’s magical.

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