Biafra Day: Remembering Victims of the Civil war

Biafra is a struggle that has come to stay in the heart of many Eastern Nigerians, who call for independence from the Nigerian government. Every year, the Indigenous People of Biafra, otherwise known has IPOB, pick 30th of May, to celebrate and remember those who have died in the struggle for Biafra. This year own is no different, although it came with such excitement.

In a report earlier today from the Guardian Newspaper, it is recounted that “Police has taken over Enugu Government House as the member of Biafra Zionists Federation (BZF) led by Benjamin Onwuka attempts to declare an independent Biafra and forcefully take over government House”.

BZF members numbering over fifty had converged at the House as early as 7.30am with Biafran adornments but were stopped at the gate by policemen.

But another news source, Vanguard Newspaper, with reporters on the ground to carry out investigative journalism, reported that there was full compliance to the organized protest declared by Biafra supporters and sympathizers, to sit at home and remember those who lost their lives during the civil war between Nigeria and the Biafran soldiers. It was reported that there were peace and full compliance around the south-east and some part of south-south; a majority of traders did not open up shop and banks were reported to have opened late and closed early. Very few people were seen walking the street.

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