Social Media Lashes out at England’s Forward, Raheem Sterling


Raheem Sterling in a recent private act seems to be getting a bit of social media attack. The England forward, expected to represent the country in the 2018 FIFA World cup tournament, is under-going criticism and attack from football fans and anti-gun social groups. The criticism is coming at Raheem Sterling as a result of his latest ‘gun’ tattoo, which was sighted on the legs of the forward during a training with the rest of his England team.

Rahim Sterling Image Credit Twitter
Sterling/ Image Credit: Twitter

Many find the ‘gun’ tattoo insulting and a ridicule to the ‘No-Gun’ campaign being pushed in the United State, in the wake of many gun-violence and killings in recent years.

Raheem Sterling, however, has gone on Twitter to defend his tattoo, claiming that the tattoo has a deeper meaning than what people are seeing. He said the ‘gun tattoo’ was a reminder that gun was what killed his dad and it is not the solution to stop the violence people go through daily.

Raheem training alongside his England team-mate/
Image Credit: Getty Images

The media lashing at Sterling can be a big distraction for the forward, ahead of a major competition, the FIFA World Cup. Many critics went as far as asking England to drop Raheem Sterling from their national team.

What is your thought, is this not blown too much out of proportion?

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