Tribute to the Master Writer-Chef, Anthony Bourdain


Anthony Bourdain, one of the best chef and food reporter in the 21st century, was reported dead on Friday. His death was confirmed by the network he dedicated his best time on earth to, CNN. Anthony Bourdain was reported to have died by suicide, he was found dead in his hotel. A renowned celebrity chef, author and television personality.

Anthony Michael Bourdain was one of the most influential chef during our time. He served us French delicacies, marched with romantic spices many times.

Anthony Bourdain’s eclectic cooking style, enthused and birthed many foodie writers we have today, including chefs. No wonder, Canadian master chef and restauranteur, David McMillian pays his tribute.

Before Anthony Bourdain, food and cooking hasn’t been this fashionable. Until the birth of “…Cooks’s Tour”, a program he was fervent about.

Bourdain’s “A Cook’s Tour”, took us many places we never could imagine going, and exposed us to the delicacies of many culture… No wonder former us President Obama, paid his tribute. He was friend to all, as well as cook.

Anthony Bourdain’s “Path Unknown”, has now been known, he was battling with so much on his mind, and not even food could liberate him. Even when you brought your “Path” to Lagos, that was a special moment for all of us, cooks and foodies alike, we were excited that you love what you saw.

A life well lived, a journey fully completed. Till we meet again, with no “Layovers” and “No Reservation”, continue to rest on, Legend.

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