Suicide: The Easy Way Out

Suicide is an act of intentionally taking your own life or causing your own death. The act of suicide is now a very trending form of giving up; a psychological condition that is now a spate around the world. On a global scale, The World Health Organisation estimates that “every year, approximately one million people die from suicide… a mortality rate of one death every 40seconds”. Although WHO’s data claim that suicide is predominant among low-middle income earners, recent events are changing that narrative. Recently, celebrity chef and successful media personality, Anthony Bourdain, was found dead in his hotel in Paris, as a result of suicide. And even in Nigeria, the Third-Mainland Bridge in Lagos is now budding to be a safe-haven for suicide victims, most of whom appear to be living very fine lives. Yesterday, a woman was reported to have jumped into the water from the bridge close to Unilag. Last year, suicide attempts and incidents on that said bridge isn’t encouraging at all, it is scary.

The cause of suicide can be directly linked to depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorder, and substance or drug abuse.

People generally take their own lives when they feel whatever problem they are in, cannot be solved; a form of giving up on life and themselves. And this happens when they (victims) have no one to talk to, to share their problems with. In most cases, these victims are not expecting to get solutions to whatever challenges they are in, but only a listening ear to hear them. In the present world, where social media has taken over the best part of our humanity, everyone is talking and no one is listening. That is why as ‘big’ as Anthony Bourdain is, his colleagues and crew at CNN, who were filming with him in France, didn’t fathom that he was battling depression and ‘isolation in the dark’- as a source close to Bourdain, puts it to People. A night before his death, Anthony Bourdain was reported to have “skipped dinner”, an unusual thing to be done by the master chef himself. If only his friends and colleagues knew something wasn’t right and queried what it was, if only…

In as much as Suicide can be regarded as the “easy way out”, for those battling all kinds of difficulty, we can all agree that the ‘easy way out isn’t always the best and wise way’. Life always throws us all kinds of a tantrum, those challenges aren’t worth taking our life on. I had an experience lately, where I wanted to take my own life, I stayed late at work that day, left Ibeju-Lekki, heading to Gbagada around 11:30 pm, I was giving up on myself and my dreams, including my family; but the thought of not being a failure prevented me from jumping off a moving car. When you allow your situation or problems influence your decision, then you have failed. No problem is so big and higher priced than your life. When you are alive, you can always live to fight another day.

We shouldn’t ignore someone with mental disorder and personality disorder; which are arguably the major causes of suicide. People should make effort to be conscious of the challenges people face in their everyday life. We should learn to lend a helping hand when we can; what is the essence of my being alive when I can’t attempt to prevent my neighbour from taking her life?

Visit the psychiatric hospital around you for a counselling moment today.

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