Happy Father’s Day to All Daddies Out There

Father’s day is here again, unlike Mother’s day, it only comes once in a year. So I am taking this special day to wish every dad out there a splendid one. As we all know, daddies are our buddies (or should be) and should be celebrated. They dedicate their time to looking after us and support mummies caring for us.

In my case, when mum wasn’t around, my dad used to cook for us, he will teach me how to make and clean dishes. He taught me basically the lessons of life, by correcting me when I do wrongs.

I want to be the best buddy to my kids because that is the only way they don’t make wrong buddies in life. On this Father’s day, we need to reflect as daddies, if we are buddies to our kids or just some stranger.

Aside from reflecting on the responsibilities that come with fatherhood, on Father’s day, we should celebrate every father in our life. They are your buddies or they should be.

Happy Father’s day!

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