2018 World Cup: Western Media and Mind-Games against African Teams

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia has been somewhat going satisfactorily, aside from the poor officiating I noticed in the first match between Croatia and Nigeria, worthy of note is that the World Cup has exposed the bias and racism harbored by some Western Media. It is as though the world wants all African countries to be knocked out from the group stage.

We have five countries representing Africa in the World cup, and they are; Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Senegal, and Morocco. And the world appears to be interested in seeing them out from, the group stage. This is not a Black Panther Movie, where we act as though Africa or the Black race is about to take over the world, this is a reality where hate and racism are influencing the way we think, act and report events.

During the first group stage match between Croatia and Nigeria, I watched the match with a high spirit, but I was disappointed with the poor officiating. Not that, that contributed to the Super Eagles of Nigeria losing that match, they lost due to their own error, but it had some level of impact on the game. There were times when the referee blew against the Nigerian team, for a foul he allowed for the Croatian team, high level of hypocrisy if you ask me. The worst part was giving just two minutes as additional time, for a match that had so many stops, and blowing the final whistle when the Super Eagles were close to the opponent’s half, at 1:34min – not 2:00min. Compare this with the 6 minutes additional time given in the match between Nigeria and Iceland.

News trend on the internet after Senegal defeated Poland

A closer look at the Western media and its commentaries on African teams in the World Cup will give you a clue on why I stated that there is some level of bias and racism in their reportage. For instance, when Senegal became the only African team to win a match in the start of the group stage matches, Western mainstream Medias reported it as a “gifted win” by the Polish team they play against. A discourteous reporting if you ask me- why couldn’t the reporting be “Senegal fought hard to defeat Poland or ‘Sensational Senegal Team Defeats Poland’”? From Reuters UK to BBC, all reported it as a gifted win.

Reuter’s Tweet
Goal Facebook Page

Recently, when Nigeria beat Iceland in a sensational fashion, Western mainstream Media like Guardian, reported the win as a ‘gift to Argentina’, who are at the bottom of the table. It is not like there isn’t any chance of Argentina qualifying, but that shouldn’t be the headline of your post, after watching two beautiful goals from Ahmed Musa. It is like playing mind-game on the Nigerian team, concluding they have lost a match with Argentina, knowing fully well that the Nigerian side has what it takes to win and qualify in the group stage. Instead of celebrating the fashionable way Ahmed Musa, the Nigerian player who scored the two goals for Nigeria, against Iceland, Goal, a western sports website, flooded their website and Facebook page with a post on how the Nigerian talents help to give Messi a chance to qualify. Although Nigeria vs Iceland match, made the general population of the country(Nigeria) see beyond ethnic, religious or political difference, it was not so for the international media, as they couldn’t hide their biases. Apparently, if Iceland had won that match, headlines that will flood the news/internet will be in praise of Iceland, a country with a population of 10million defeating Nigeria, a country with Population of over 180million.

Guardian UK News Headline

In the present world, where terrorism is declining and the fear of war is dwindling, racism shouldn’t be allowed to resurrect and stay with us. The world needs love and that love is capable of making us forgive the errors of the past.


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