The Certificate Folder: How to Keep and Avoid Damaging Your Certificates

Do you make use of The Certificate Folder to preserve your certificates? Preserving your certificate, after working hard to earn it, does not necessarily need a Superman ability, what it requires is taking the precautions of losing it to fire, rodents or thieves. There are about five known ways to keep your certificates; in the Bank, Scrolls, Waterproof Plastic Bags, a Personalized Vault or a Certificate Folder. Sadly, many people from various descent have been victims of Certificate lose, damages, and what not; for instance, Julius Agwu, the Nigerian popular comedian once recount how he lost all his certificates while he was travelling to Lagos. In most schools and institution, your certificate is handed to you without any protection, you sort that out yourself. This has led many people into laminating their hard-earned certificates, an act that is wrong, as it makes it difficult for people to validate such certificates once it is laminated.

The Certificate Folder on a desk
The Certificate Folder on a desk

I honestly think those who fall, a victim of certificates, lose or damages finish from schools or institutions where certificates are nakedly issued (not in an envelope, scroll or Certificate Folder). WAEC, for instance, does not issue certificates (originals) in an envelope, they give you in hand and expect you to preserve it by whatever means necessary.

Thankfully, the advent of scrolls has made people preserve their certificates from external rough-handling or damages. But the aesthetic value is not so much seen with scrolls, which is why a firm like Glitz Plus Entertainment, invented The Certificate Folder, a holder that gives you the opportunity to display your certificates and also serve as a marketing tool for the issuing school or institution. After 4-6 years of hard work; learning and relearning, where else could be a better place to insert your certificate, than a personalized certificate folder – discrete but on a show, can be placed on a bookcase, table or on the wall.The Certificate Folder

Keep your certificates clean today, display it and be proud of the issuing institution, with The Certificate Folder.

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