Dental Braces: Solution for Perfectly Straight Teeth

Dental Braces

Dental Braces: Having crooked teeth or a maligned bite is not that rare and not something you should be extremely worried about. People find it very traumatic when they see their crooked and overlapping teeth in the mirror. Sometimes, it can be a reminder of an injury and can be emotionally tough to relive the experience. But most of the times, the crooked teeth is from the childhood.


People who have bottle fed or were in a habit of sucking their thumb can easily be seen with overlapping teeth. Sometimes, even a childhood injury could force you to live with a crooked tooth.


People with crooked teeth under confident and have difficulty talking to new people as they feel conscious about their impression. It is true when you meet someone for the first time, you base your opinion in their appearance, and even if you don’t try you will look at their mouth as they speak and crooked teeth can be a distraction and also affect their impression on you.


It is not difficult to get it fixed. Since most of the times it is a result of a childhood activity, it can be detected at a small age and you can get the braces then. As people grow older, they become more conscious about their looks as against what they felt as a child. This is probably one reason why the technology came up with invisible braces.


Dental braces can be used for various medical reasons and hence what type of braces you would get depends totally on your problem. Listed below are the different types of Dental Braces that you can get:


Metal Braces


If we ask you about the dental braces, the first image that is going to come to your mind is of metal wires and brackets. They are the most common metal braces that are used for the treatment of misaligned or overcrowded teeth. The dentist shapes the wires into the ideal position and then threads them between the brackets that are glued on the tooth. The wire continues moving and when it returns to its original position it would move the tooth along with it, aligning them perfectly.


Invisalign Braces


Aligners are like temporary braces. In this, the dentist doesn’t use wires and braces but instead fixes clear aligners that are perfectly fit over the teeth. They are custom made for everyone and make a perfect choice for people who are afraid of getting the wires attached to the teeth. The aligners very slowly move the teeth and bring them back to their normal position. Since they are temporary in nature, they can be removed while eating, brushing and flossing the teeth and then placed back again on the teeth.


Lingual Braces


Lingual braces are like wire and brackets only, but the difference is that there are no wires and the brackets are attached on the inside of the teeth. Some people find the wires very uncomfortable as they can rub against the lips and cause discomfort. Lingual braces are a good option for people who want to avoid such condition. However, it cannot be outed as a treatment in the case of a deep bite.


Ceramic Braces


Since the braces are clearly visible, many people, especially adults do not find it comfortable to wear them and go to their work. They feel shy and get uncomfortable while talking to others. Ceramic braces are better in such cases as they are almost of the teeth’s colour and less visible than the normal braces. The disadvantage of having the ceramic braces are that they are comparatively more difficult as compared to the normal braces.


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