Facebook Live rape allegedly takes place at Atlanta nightclub

Facebook Live rape allegedly takes place at Atlanta nightclub

A recent breaking story was released in the US, where a young woman was enjoying a night out at an Atlanta nightclub when things took a turn for the worse.

The woman, who can be seen dancing with a man and enjoying her night, was then allegedly drugged with a drink and sexually assaulted on the dance floor of the nightclub.

The breaking story which was reported by Rolling out is causing some mix-feeling online. Reporters of the magazine reached out to the Atlanta Police Department, who responded with the following statement:

“Early Sunday morning, APD began receiving calls about a Facebook Live video that appears to show a woman being sexually assaulted in a local nightclub. Our Special Victims Unit made contact with the victim today, and an investigation into the matter has been opened. The investigation continues.”

Rolling out can confirm that it was Opera nightclub, contacted the club, who were not aware of the incident.

Rolling out will not publish the video or the identity of the woman. Her Facebook Live posts, which are still up, have been viewed by a combined audience of nearly 500,000 as of posting.

While some in the comments are supportive of the victim, others, unfortunately think it is a hoax.

“She was raped but she kept the videos up on her page .. 🤔 ??? knock it off … she clout chasing,” is a comment that appears in the thread, sadly from what appears to be a woman.

Another Facebook user wrote,“No matter if she was bending over, No matter how short her dress was, No matter how drunk she was, No matter how Friendly she was being. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE RAPPED, NO MEANS NO TF!!!”

The victim posted on Facebook “I’m ok” and “Please no calls/texts I’m still gathering myself.”

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