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The main people bringing development to the world are entrepreneurs, its fair if we share some of the best ideas here

The Safety Chic on a mission to make our children safe; a chat with Ms Ugochi

Safety and security is a highly-priced intervention that the country, now, needs for her citizens, especially against the backdrop of the blood-letting and massacre of the Benue killings that recently characterized the pages of several national news-prints. Most often than necessary, we rely so much on the government to provide security to its citizens—which of-course

An Open Letter to all Unemployed Nigerian Graduate

Skill-GlitzPlus Ent

Dear young employed/unemployed Nigerian graduate, this motivational monday post is for you;   Old things have passed away and the new ones will definitely stay – only if you let them.   As you journey this New Year, make it a point of duty to never settle for mediocrity. Time is far spent and before you know […]

P Diddy Celebrates his 48th Birthday in Fela Style; Changes Name

The legendary Bad Boy Entertainment founder and American businessman, Sean Combs recently celebrated his birthday under a fulfilling atmosphere and positive vibe. Diddy took to social media to show how exultant and happy he is celebrating his 48th birthday with family and friends. The music typhoon who recently was listed in Forbes 100 Greatest Business […]

WCW: Meet Blessing Egbe, producer of Lekki Wives and The Women

WCW: Meet Blessing Egbe, producer of Lekki Wives and The Women

This week, Glitz Plus Magazine is all excited to present to you Mrs Blessing Efiom Egbe, Nollywood phenomenon and ex-model. We can rightly say that Mrs Blessing is one of the greatest export in the Nigeria film industry and she is leaving a mark in the industry that will stay with us for many years. […]

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