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Read Letter of Pulitzer Prize Winner, Charles Krauthammer, before his death

Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer was an American columnist, author, conservative political commentator, and psychiatrist, whose weekly column was syndicated to more than 400 publications worldwide, according to Wikipedia information. Charles Krauthammer was a Fox News personality, or you might want to say celebrity. He was said to have died on Thursday, 21th of June, 2018, after battling […]

Suicide: The Easy Way Out

Suicide is an act of intentionally taking your own life or causing your own death. The act of suicide is now a very trending form of giving up; a psychological condition that is now a spate around the world. On a global scale, The World Health Organisation estimates that “every year, approximately one million people […]

How should you cook your meat

Nigerian Ram for Sallah

It is meat season! And we shall remind ourselves of how best to handle our meat preparation. The carcinogenicity of meat has been assigned to the type of meat consumed (red or processed), the method of cooking, the quantity consumed and the individual genetic risk. What I am saying is that the likelihood of meat […]

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