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We are endowed with opinionated individuals, who are not shaken or scared of sharing their thought on various issues.

8 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep At Night

There are some nights when we can’t sleep, we lie awake in bed, unable to quiet our racing thoughts, and this is mostly called insomnia. There are plenty of reasons why sleep may be evading and insomnia embracing you according to a publication on Health Magazine—maybe you ate too late at night, for example, or you’ve […]

Tips on How to Save Your Marriage from Divorce

Divorce is the predominant thing scuffling with contemporary marriages. Many couples tend to spend so much on celebrating their wedding and end up with divorce in their marriages after few months or years of being together. These are popular among urban dwellers and those in developed countries. The devastating effects divorce bring is too great […]

6 Steps to Write a Career Plan

Writing a career plan can be a hassle, considering a career is more than a job and requires careful planning. Careers require specific skills, interests, experience, training, and education. You can’t wake up one morning and be a doctor or a librarian without proper training and education. Research and career planning are the keys to […]

Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup: Imagined Final

As a football lover, just imagine having Portugal and Argentina get to the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup final. This is one of the best imaginary stories I have ever read, so, I thought it nice to share it on this platform.  Having Portugal and Argentina reach the 2018 FIFA World Cup final, will be […]

Reasons Why Dental Implants are so popular


A life with one or more missing teeth is quite difficult to live, that explains why dental implants have gone popular. It brings along issues of both physical and psychological nature thereby hampering the pace and quality of life. However, dental technology has advanced considerably with a variety of treatment options available these days for […]

Moving to Canada as a Nigerian; My Story

Moving to Abroad

Moving to Canada is not as fascinating as they paint it to be, this is my story starting a life in Canada.  At one point in my life as a Nigerian, I considered leaving for abroad as the greatest achievement any Nigerian can attain.  I believed, living in abroad is far better than staying here, […]

The Concept of National Courage by Babatope Falade

GlitzPlusEnt National Courage

There are reasons why the poor stay poor, the major reason being a closed mind and lack of National Courage. It appears that they are set in their ways and don’t find it easy to change. They prefer handouts and usually feel entitled to your wealth especially if you are around them. On the contrary, rich […]

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