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Earn 1000 Euros and More by Participating in the 2018 Mega-Cities ShortDoc Festival


A global organization in France is bringing all megacities in the world together, under one roof in Paris. The Mega-Cities ShortDocs Company is responsible. After past successful events, of having to hear citizens’ highlight and shoot a report or documentary of the challenges facing their megacities, the organization is here in Lagos to get more […]

You’re not the user: 5 things I learned from using Hotjar for a year

Hotjar is an all-in-one Analytics and Feedback tool that makes it easy to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. As the UX designer in an online travel agency, I relied majorly on Hotjar for studying user interactions, observing consumer behaviors and gathering user feedback. All these constituted in guiding my design decisions. This article […]

China Accused of Espionage after donating building worth $200million to The African Union

Technological advancement really has it pros and cons, depending on who is wielding it, the African Union, a coalition of 55 countries established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has reportedly been a victim of data spying after an investigation from French newspaper Le Monde revealed China was using the computers in a new building constructed and donated by the […]

Netflix Now worth More Than 100 Billion Dollars

The business of digital streaming is certainly looking good for Netflix, as the company crossed an exciting milestone today, crossing the $100 billion mark for its market cap as it once again surprised industry observers with better-than-expected growth in its subscribers. The American Entertainment company continues to wow Wall Street with impressive growth in its […]

Top Trending Searches on Google in 2017-Surprising List


Aside from Bing, there are certainly few metrics in the world that offer as much insight into our society as Google Trend, through it’s Google’s annual “Year in Search.” More than any of the other year-end download and streaming roundups, Google’s offers a clear snapshot of the things that captured our imaginations and baffled us during what felt […]

Request by Government for Facebook user data continue to increase worldwide


Facebook continues to see increased requests for user data from governments worldwide, according to its latest transparency report. The social network first introduced the reports, which give raw figures on data requests and data granted, in 2013 to help increase visibility on government behavior. Facebook is limited on what information it can share, but sheer numbers show […]

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