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GlitzPlusEnt.com – Nigeria’s registered organisation, involve in showcasing its many important ventures and meeting the yeaning needs of customers in terms of publishing, PR services, Artistes communication management, events management and Product development. GlitzPlusEnt.com publication platform (Glitz Plus Magazine), is an innovative way to educate, inform and promote good living, culture, educational/ literature, beauty secrets, styling, grooming and etiquette, as well as promote Nigeria and its culture on a far-reaching platform.


Glitz Plus Magazine is designed to offer a platform for first-hand interaction of writers, columnist/celebrities, their fans and the public, on the go media. We will be utilizing our dedicated web app on www.glitzplusent.com a platforms to reach out to readers/viewers with several interesting topics and stories i.e. sport, politics, entertainment gossip and run down of events and social engagement in a hilarious and relaxed atmosphere. Glitz Plus Magazine has already featured through interview a number of prominent celebrities such as Denrele Edun, Flowssick, W4 and JJC to mention a few. Do visit www.glitzplusent.com.mag for more. We hope to have more distinguished individuals such as political analysts, government representatives, corporate business technocrats, fashion icons, educationists/academies, musicians, models, stylists and occasional appearances of A-list actors, actresses and TV stars, dignitaries, leaders and personalities towards entertainment for viewers/reading.Glitz-Plus-Magazine-PDF-Version-1


PR Services by Glitz Plus Entertainment is done with the best kind of professionalism. We manage your Press Releases, online contents/copy-writing and corporate communication for your organisation or brand. Nothing leaves our system without you vetting and giving a nod.EKO-PEARL-MAGAZINE-BY-Glitz-Plus-Magazine


Artist communication management is done with a high level of industry knowledge. We at Glitz Plus Entertainment know what the public are saying about your brand and what they want to hear, why not leave the stress of developing a mesmerizing press release, short biography and EPK to us. With our handful of designers and social media managers, we can help take your game to the next level.W4-INTERVIEW-WITH-GLITZ-PLUS-MAGAZINE


 Event management is done with the utmost form of responsibility and passion. We negotiate with your preferred artist or celebrities and make sure they show up at your event. Also we handle securing your preferred location, photography and media services, as well as publicity for that event.


Other Merchandize- Product Development: Glitz Plus Entertainment launched a product called the Certificate Folder, a product they have been working on since 2015. A product that preserves and give aesthetic beauty to one’s hard-earned certificate and school graduation.

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