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In a relationship, just like women have their moods, we men also have similar feelings too. Sometimes you feel like you are taking a break after spending loving and exciting time with your man. It doesn’t mean you want to break-up but you just feel a distance. According to YourTango relationship experts, Melanie Gorman, relationship […]

Suicide: The Easy Way Out

Suicide is an act of intentionally taking your own life or causing your own death. The act of suicide is now a very trending form of giving up; a psychological condition that is now a spate around the world. On a global scale, The World Health Organisation estimates that “every year, approximately one million people […]

Falz Has Offended Nigerian Muslims – MURIC

Falz The Bahd Guy has provoked some section of Nigerian Muslims with his latest video. The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) condemns the latest video of popular Nigerian musician, Folarin Falana, otherwise known as Falz. The Muslim body says, featuring hijab-clad women dancing Shaku Shaku in his latest video, ‘This is Nigeria’, Falz has offended Nigerian […]

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