The Certificate Folder


5,000.00 2,500.00

After 4-6 years of hard work, where could be a better place to keep your school certificate than a personalised certificate folder, discrete but on show, on your bookcase or on the wall. We would like to introduce to you our newest product, called The Certificate Folder (TCF). The product in a single sober colour, is a quality folder in A4 portrait size, which would reflect very well on its school/owner, but add all the different options and elements available and it is not only something of quality, but can be made into something very individual as well. The certificate folder is here to take the place of scroll being issued by schools, whether secondary or tertiary. It is fashionable and handy during graduation or valedictory service.



Glitz Plus Entertainment launched a product called The Certificate Folder, a product they have been working on since 2015. A product that preserves and give aesthetic beauty to one’s hard-earned certificate and school graduation ceremony.


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