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#TBT: Fela Kuti the Man who was arrested on over 200 different occasions

This week, we would be going back memory lane to admire and be stirred in the life of a legend, the “abami eda” (softly translated as the ‘weird one’ or ‘alien’) himself. The only man that goes up stage with only pants and mesmerizes you with his instrumental play. Fela Anikulapo Kuti, also widely known […]

On The Death of Alameiysiegha!!!

So many people have different things to say about the death of Nigeria’s renowned South-South politician, Alameiyesiegha, who kicked the bucket on Saturday the 10th of October. While some Nigerians were happy about his death (after all the allegations levied against him)… others were remorseful and thought, the ex Bayelsa governor do not deserve the […]

How to spot a terrorist- Experts

We begin this piece by praying for our nation Nigeria. We pray for those victims who have lost their lives since the wake of terrorist attacks in Nigeria by Boko Haram sect. Those recovering from injury, we wish them speedy recovery. Two security experts, Richard Amuwa and Dr. Ona Ekhomu, have urged vigilance and a […]

READ FULL TEXT: President Buhari’s Speech at 70th UN General Assembly #‎UNGA‬

President Buhari who is in New York, to represent Nigeria at the United Nations 70th Session General Assembly, gave a live telecast addressing heads of states and the UN General Assembly. The talk of the day in his speech is adding to the list of what the UN describe as the Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs). […]

#PMB100days: 52 visible actions of President Mohammed Buhari’s 100days in Office, in Perspective

Nigeria, the biggest country in the African continent, experienced a change in government on May 29, 2015… Expectation is high from the people the government of the day, because promises were made by the new government. We would take it upon us to look at and highlight the various actions taken by this new government, […]

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