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Top Trending Searches on Google in 2017-Surprising List


Aside from Bing, there are certainly few metrics in the world that offer as much insight into our society as Google Trend, through it’s Google’s annual “Year in Search.” More than any of the other year-end download and streaming roundups, Google’s offers a clear snapshot of the things that captured our imaginations and baffled us during what felt […]

#TechTuesday: Are You Part of the 10 Million People Google Plans to Train in Digital Skills?

Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL, +0.98%) aims to train 10 million people in Africa in online skills over the next five years in an effort to make youths more employable, its chief executive said in a visit to Nigeria last month. The initiative has kicked off and many startups are already benefiting. The U.S. technology giant also hope to […]

#Google Introduces AdCamp, an All-Expense-Paid Experience for Undergraduates Worldwide

Google is wish to share the platform of online advertisement with university undergraduates students all over the world. According to Google, AdCamp offers a collaborative curriculum focused on Google’s advertising sales and services operation, an overview of Google ad products like Adsense and insight into the business and industry of online advertisement. Up to 70 […]

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