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Jesse Jagz Bears It all, His not going to church over four years, his brother being his boss, at el.

“Coming back to Chocolate City has been wonderful and I am glad about the expansion of the record label. There are more employees and better creative control for the artistes. I left because after I finished recording my album, ‘Thy Nation Come,’ I played it for the record label but for business reasons, they did not want to release it. Actually, if you have listened to the album you would know that it is somehow controversial and you would understand why the label did not want to release it. So I went ahead to release it myself.

I am happy for MI and Ice Prince as they have become the CEO and MD of Chocolate City respectively. I would also want people to understand that MI has always been our president, I have always been the think tank of the trio and Ice prince has always been on the administrative end right from when we were in Jos. I would say those are just titles but everybody has been playing that role. I am a shareholder in Chocolate City and it was so even when I left two years ago,” he said.

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