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Justin Bieber Flies Posse to Vegas All About the Money

Justin Bieber just high tailed it to Las Vegas with his crew to walk Floyd Mayweather into the ring tonight … and they’re clearly expecting “Money” to kick ass.Justin boarded with Lil Twist, Lil Za and a few others Saturday for Floyd’s fight against Saul “Canello” Alvarez — and most of his entourage were proudly sporting Mayweather’s Money […]

Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Justin Bieber Make It To The Guinness Book Of Records

Well, we can confirm here that Pop singer, Taylor Swift is no longer just the girl who’s award speech got interrupted by the maverick, Kanye West, she’s in many ways a pop-star in her own right and a Guinness record breaking one at that.  The ‘We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together’ crooner will enter the […]

Justin Bieber’s Shirtless Disease Is Spreading- The Reason You See Most Nigerian Celeb Shirtless

We can say it’s worse than the plague … Justin Bieber’s shirtlessness has now spread to his best friends, celebs and fans, and chances of survival are slim. Bieber’s pal Lil Twist, the guy wearing the Jamiroquai hat, posted this photo on Instagram yesterday, showing just how bad the pandemic has gotten. We’ve spoken to […]

Justin Bieber On The News For Violating Traffic Laws Again (Will he ever stop?)

Recently, Justin Bieber name is quite synonymous with the word ‘trouble’. The 19-year-old star yet again landed in deep waters with highway patrol when he was pulled over early Wednesday morning for reportedly running a stop sign near his home in Calabasas, California. According to reports, the cops also cited him for driving without a […]

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